1201 S. Main, Fairfield, IA

July 3, 2011

1201 S. Main St., Fairfield, IA.

1201 South Main Street, by special request:

The first resident of 1201 South Main St. we could find was in 1922: William H. Bangs, vice-president of the First National Bank and his wife, Edna.

In 1927 Dr. Claudius Rasmussen, an Osteopathic Physician lived here. His office was at 54 Leggett Building, on the west side of the Square.

In 1930-1931 two unmarried family members lived here — Gladys E. and Eugene A. Miksch. The street directories available at the Fairfield Public Library fill in the names of many of the other occupants through the years:

1937: vacant
1939: Clarence W. Courtney
1942: Richard Myers / Bruce Warner
1945: Richard Myers (in the US Service) and family
1949: Walter E. Huddleston
1966-1971: Hubert E. Jones
1973: Samuel Hamilton

First mention of two-family residence, 1201 S. Main St and 1201 1/2 S. Main St:
1974: 1201–Sandra Baker; 1201 1/2–Theo A. Brewer
1976: 1201–Sandra Baker; 1201 1/2–not at home
1977: 1201–Cheryl Hostetler; 1201 1/2–vacant
1980: 1201–Judith A. Mc Chesney; 1201 1/2–Cheryl Hostetler
1981: 1201–Judith A. Mc Chesney; 1201 1/2–Michl. L. Branam
1984: 1201–vacant; 1201 1/2–Steven Sperber
1986: 1201–Isaac Hamilton; 1201 1/2–Steven Sperber
1988: 1201–not at home; 1201 1/2–Steven Sperber

The assessor records state the house was built in 1900.

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