2nd Street Firehouse, Jail, City Hall & Armory in Fairfield Iowa

October 23, 2010

1900 fire engine in Fairfield Iowa.

Photo by J. G. Browning, published by The Fair Store, Fairfield, Iowa, 1900.

Horse-drawn fire engine emerging from the old firehouse on S. 2nd St., Fairfield, Iowa, circa 1900. Notice the trusty fire-dog ready for an exciting ride!

Fire department, city hall and jail were all on the site of the present-day parking-lot just south of Bonnie’s 2nd Street Cafe.

Armory on 2nd Street, Fairfield, IA, 1906.

Company M, 50th Iowa Volunteers in front of the old Armory on 2nd Street, Fairfield, Iowa, circa 1906.

The brick buildings, above, are the jail, city hall and firehouse. All four buildings were located on what is presently the municipal parking lot just south of Bonnie’s 2nd St. Cafe. The lot was somewhat larger then, as the Burlington St. corner was not rounded off.

firehouse at 51 S. 2nd St., Fairfield Iowa circa 1916.

Members of the Ellis Hose Company in front of their firehouse at 51 S. 2nd St., Fairfield Iowa, circa 1916.

In “A Fair Field” Susan F. Welty tells us the fire department received their first motorized equipment in 1916. As this beautiful fire engine appears to be a 1916 American LaFrance Pumper, the photograph, above, probably commemorates their exciting new acquisition, self-propelled and capable of pumping 750 gallons per minute.

Just to the right of the firehouse are Fairfield’s city hall and jail.

The old wooden armory building previously to the right of the jail has been removed, with Company M occupying their new Armory at 118-122 East Broadway in Fairfield, Iowa built in 1910.

Historic images courtesy of Merrymeeting Archives LLC

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