Then and Now: Frank M. Voorhies’s Mill on 4th St. Fairfield

December 17, 2010

flour mill on 4th street, Fairfield, IA.

Before: Located at the northeast corner of Lowe and Fourth Streets, Frank W. Voorhies’s Home Roller Mills (at right) stood at what is now 505 N. Fourth, and his residence (at left) was at 507 N. Fourth. Photograph taken ca. 1909.

Frank’s father-in-law F. B. Huntzinger had built the Grove City Mills, steam-powered with three runs of buhrs, in 1875, and sold the business to Frank in 1889. Click here for brief bio and picture of F. B. Huntzinger.
Probably Frank’s Home Roller Mills were the original Grove City Mills of F. B. Huntzinger

After: A new business building has replaced Frank’s mill, but his house remains intact.

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