Then and Now: Ash Mullenix’s home, W. Burlington Ave. Fairfield

December 17, 2010

604 West Burlington Ave., Fairfield IA.

Remember Asher B. Mullenix,the barber and insurance man driving the two-horse wagon? See video.

This is a before-and-after picture of Ash Mullenix’s home at 604 West Burlington Ave. in Fairfield. Bottom picture: in 1909 members of the Mullenix family sit outside of their home on the south side of the street in a pastoral setting on the outskirts of town. Ash is probably holding the reins of two horses on the left. W. Burlington is a dirt road somewhat lower than today’s thoroughfare.
Top picture taken in 2010: Ash was an insurance man, and a century later his yard hosts an insurance business! The old cement steps from the sidewalk are apparently all that remain of his home. To the far right of the stairs at 606 W. Burlington stands a slightly newer hipped-roof house today, with a different footprint but similar foundation-stones to Ash Mullenix’s old home. While the east wing and porch are gone and the new house extends further to the west, some portions of Ash’s old house may remain in the remodeled home today.

Where the Mullenix house would have been at W. Burlington, Fairfield, IA.

An imaginary portrait of the left side of the Mullenix house at 604 West Burlington — for a rough idea of where it was located….

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