Burlington Ave.

This video was captured on East Burlington, Fairfield Iowa on July 21, 2012.


Home on East Burlington Avenue in Fairfield, IA.

Then and Now: 505 East Burlington Ave. during the 1930s (above), and as it stands today… photo taken January 2011 (below). Thank you to Barbara Beal for permission to use the 1930s photograph!

Gus Unkrich's Grocery at 54 W. Burlington Ave., Fairfield, IA.

Gus Unkrich’s Grocery at 54 W. Burlington in 1876, with advertisement from the Fairfield Weekly Journal, 1888 (advertisement courtesy of Janet Roberts). For about 20 years Gus sold groceries, including his father-in-law’s flour, at this spot. Select here for a photo and brief bio of Gus Unkrich.
Select here to meet Gus Unkrich’s brother-in-law, Frank Huntzinger and family and see a video of the south side.

East Burlington Ave. looking westward.

Then and Now: East Burlington looking west, ca. 1908 (above), and 2011 (below). Burlington Avenue is now wider and has lost its stately rows of elms, but retains much of its gracious feel. At right is 507 E. Burlington; at left is 502 E. Burlington, both well preserved today.

D St and E. Burlington Ave., Fairfield, IA.

On the left is the Sloca Mansion, northeast corner of D and E. Burlington, then the Dillon Turney house.