West Side of Square

1909 map Northwest of Fairfield Iowa square.
‎1909 map of Fairfield, detail. The Grand Opera House is at upper right, at the corner of N. Main and E. Briggs, where Tribune Printing is now. The Post Office was at 113 W. Broadway, where Red Rock Tavern is now. The Hotel Broadway stood at the corner of 2nd St. and W. Broadway, where the Post Office is now; the First Baptist Church was at the corner of 3rd and W. Broadway, where the new Baptist Church is now; and the Congregational Church stood at the corner of 3rd and W. Burlington, where the First Christian Church is now. The Fairfield National Bank stood at 60 S. Main, corner of Burlington, where the Teeple-Hansen Gallery is now. Note the Park was still round!

West side of Fairfield Iowa town square.

West side of the Square, looking north on Main Street circa 1910. Note the turret on the building on the west side’s south corner. Here at 60 S. Main Street was the Jefferson County State Bank from 1901, becoming the Fairfield National Bank in 1908. The turret is gone, but you can still see the bank vault in the building today!

Fairfield IA commercial buildings West side in 1908.

ca. 1908 West Side of Square in Fairfield IA from present-day Crest Jewel (alley on left in photo) to present-day Icon Gallery.

Fairfield Iowa north at the west side of the square ca. 1910.

This great shot looks from the north at the west side of the square ca. 1910.

♦ The turreted Clarke Block at far right at 60 N. Main, Fairfield, Iowa was Shriner’s Drugstore, now Heartland Real Estate.

♦ The Spielman Block at 58 N. Main, Fairfield, Iowa was Gaines Brothers Hardware, now Icon Gallery.

♦ 56-54 N. Main, Fairfield, Iowa was (probably) Homer C. Davis’ grocery and also Wisecarver & Mohr’s clothing store, both now Central Park Furnishings.

♦ 52 N. Main, Fairfield, Iowa was Norman Anstead, jeweler, now the At Home Store.

♦ 50 N. Main, Fairfield, Iowa was Dalton Howell’s West Side Restaurant, now Hy-Vee Drugs.

♦ Across the alley (now Crest Jewel at 48 N. Main) was the 3-story Jordan Block at 50-54 S. Main, Fairfield, Iowa, then occupied by Bayz Bros. candy makers, (probably) Chas. A. Herring’s groceries, and Lewis Bros. meats, now the Elks Building with Jacob’s Ladder Antique Mall and Haute House.

♦ 56 S. Main, Fairfield, Iowa was Michael Rodabaugh’s Novelty Store, now Fairfield Nutrition.

♦ 58 S. Main, Fairfield, Iowa was Jericho & Easton, druggists, now Walker Group.

♦ 60 S. Main, Fairfield, Iowa was the Fairfield National Bank, now the Teeple-Hansen Gallery.

Captioned as No. 7 of a series, the Fairfield postcard above probably dates from ca. 1910-11. However we have just discovered an exact copy of this postcard but captioned in a different hand and postmarked May 11, 1908, so the photograph itself most likely dates from ca. 1907-08.

John G. “Jack” Browning had his photographic studio upstairs over Shriner’s Drugstore at 60 N. Main St., Fairfield, Iowa (the Clarke Bldg. at far right); perhaps the papers in the case at lower right near the outside stairs are samples of his work. Perhaps this photograph was taken by Jack Browning himself?

Research by Rory Goff, Fairfield, Iowa