Charles Negus: Fairfield Iowa lawyer, historian

November 1, 2010 Lawyers & Land Officers

“Yours &c., Charles Negus” Hon. Charles Negus Tall, dignified and majestically imposing, equally well-versed in legal principles and human frailty, Charles Negus was a notable pioneer lawyer in Fairfield as well as a diligent and entertaining historian of Iowa. One of our greatest delights while researching Fairfield’s pioneer days was the discovery of Charles Negus’s […]

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D. P. Stubbs: Fairfield IA lawyer, mayor, Iowa state senator

October 25, 2010 Lawyers & Land Officers

Daniel Parham Stubbs (1829-1905) was born in Preble Co., Ohio to abolitionist Quakers William and Delilah (Parham) Stubbs. He obtained his law degree in 1856 and the next year after touring Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa, he settled in Fairfield, Iowa where he practiced law, partnering for his first five years here with James F. […]

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Ash Mullenix, Fairfield Iowa barber

October 19, 2010 Barbers

Who is A. B. Mullenix, the man driving the two-horse carriage? Asher (“Ash”) B. Mullenix was born in Illinois in 1863 to Margaret (Long) and John P. Mullenix, who was a veteran of the Civil War and a “lightning rodder.” In 1881 John moved his family from Oswego, Illinois to Fairfield, where he sold insurance […]

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