Where can you find old Fairfield Iowa plat books?

The Deed Room in the Courthouse, and the Library are two possibilities. The 1871 Township Maps of Jefferson Co. are online at Jacob’s Ladder and other antique shops will sometimes have them as well.

‚ÄéThere are 30 locations in Jefferson County on the National Register of Historic Places:

Fairfield IA map street names circa 1875.

I love the old street-names on this map! Later Madison became 1st North; Monroe became 1st South; Jefferson became 1st West; Washington became 1st East, and so on. Still later the current street-naming scheme evolved, with the four streets around the square renamed Broadway, Court, Burlington, and Main, and the east-west streets to the north being named for Iowa governors and to the south for U.S. presidents, and the north-south streets to the west being numbered and to the east being lettered.

100 old Fairfield Iowa photos courtesy of Fairfield Public Library