Proprietors and Employees of The Fair Department Store, Fairfield.

Proprietors and Employees of The Fair Department Store, including owners Charles W. Wade, fourth from left in photo, and George James Bonfield, third from left. Wade established The Fair in 1897, and was joined about 1910 by Bonfield.

From left to right, in the back row: Mary Thoma (1883-1963), unknown, Carl McFadden, Roberta Hoaglin, unknown. Middle row: Nettie Neibert (1889-1913), Byron Neibert, Etta Stever, the rest unknown. Front row: Cliff Brown (1879-1953), Eliza Bonfield (1876-1949), George Bonfield (1873-1936), Charles W. Wade (1872-1956), Margaret Wade (1870-1925), Bridget Kilfoy (1866-1911).

The Fair Department Store, 54-58 East Burlington Avenue (and 108 South Court St.), Fairfield. c. 1910.

The Fair Store was established in 1897 by Charles W. Wade, joined by George Bonfield around 1910. The celebrated establishment became Rockwood’s Store in 1944, followed by in 1955 by Seifert’s, which sold women’s apparel here for over forty years. The Burlington Avenue facade shown here is now occupied by the west half of Midwest One Bank (58) and by the Bargain Box (54-56).

House Furnishings Department, The Fair Store, Fairfield.Dry Goods & Ready-to-Wear Department, The Fair Store, Fairfield.Millinery Department, The Fair Store, Fairfield.Shoe & Hosiery Dept. of The Fair Department Store.

This video was captured on East Burlington, Fairfield Iowa on July 21, 2012.

The Fairfield History Center is very pleased to announce the acquisition of an 1886 Fairfield Directory! These are extremely useful for our research. We are still looking for the 1899 Directory, and any from the ’20s, ’30s, ’40s, or ’50s…