Fairfield IA Huntzinger old family photos

November 17, 2010

Fairfield IA Huntzinger family photos 19th-century.

Fairfield natives John Franklin (“Frank”) Huntzinger and his wife Mary Ellen “Ella” (Sheward) in rocking chairs, with their children Helen Harriet and Robert Ralph seated at right. Frank reads the newspaper in the corner, while Ella sews a decorative piece. Probably she also made the lace on the arm of her husband’s upholstered rocker. Click here for a closer look at some of her handmade lace. The Fairfield History Center acquired Mary Ellen “Ella” Huntzinger’s cook book. Click here for an old fashioned recipe in her handwriting from the 1880s. You may order an ebook of her recipe notebook with transcription at the bottom of the page.

Born in 1858, Frank was the seventh of eight children of Sarah (Rudy) and her husband Franklin B. Huntzinger. Frank’s father built the second flour-mill in Fairfield in 1857 and was a prominent miller thereafter. In 1872-73 Frank’s parents built the brick double block on the south side of the Square at 54-56 West Burlington, where for over twenty years Frank’s brother-in-law Gus Unkrich sold groceries, including Huntzinger’s flour. Frank preferred the apothecary trade, apprenticing with Fairfield druggist T. F. Higley in 1878-79.

Click on this link for a photograph of the Huntzinger Block on the south side of the Square

Photograph taken ca. 1900, photographer unknown.

Ella’s Handwritten Cook Book

When Ella was a new bride she began this recipe notebook in her own handwriting. Rena created an ebook from it alongside a transcription of the recipes for easy reading. eBook (Adobe PDF) $3.88 Instant Download.

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