1877 Devecmon and the Monday-morning freight train

November 9, 2010

‘Dirty story’ from c. 1877 Fairfield IA: Dee Devecmon, still dressed in his Sunday best, took an early-Monday-morning freight train from Fairfield expecting to jump off when the train slowed over a crossing at his father’s farm near Perlee. It had rained earlier and the ditches were thick with yellow mud.

When the train neared the crossing Dee moved to the caboose’s lower step to jump, and called up to his friends, “Do you think I can make it?”

As they all urged him on, the train sped up and passed the crossing.

Finally Dee jumped, and fell face down in that yellow mud, and looking up with his face and hands and best clothes covered, he yelled, “I made it!”

* Recollections of a Lifetime, Autobiography of Frank M. Slagle; privately printed by A B C Printing, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for Christian W. S. Slagle & Helen Slagle McConnell, 1964.

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