Then and Now: 119-123 West Broadway, Fairfield, IA

January 21, 2011

119-123 West Broadway, Fairfield, IA.

Above: Shown here amidst gracious trees and residences shortly after it was built in 1910 by Harry I. Ball, the Orpheum Theatre building also contained apartments and businesses, including Leslie E. Clinkenbeard’s clothing store under the awning at the right.

Below: A century later, the houses across 2nd Street have been replaced by a florist shop and a Mexican restaurant, but the Co-Ed Theater building is still showing movies to appreciative audiences. The ground-floor facade has been altered considerably, but the cornice and upstairs windows are still recognizable.

Co-ed Theater, Red Rock Tavern, Walkers Office Supplies, Fairfield, IA.

Co-ed Theater, Fairfield, IA.

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