Then and Now: Southwest corner of the Square, Fairfield IA

January 21, 2011

Fairfield, IA southwest corner of the square, Main Street and Burlington Ave.

Above: ca. 1906, looking south down Main Street, Fairfield, Iowa toward the old spires of the Presbyterian Church. On the corner at 100 W. Burlington was Jay Copeland’s drugstore, while the outside stairs led up to William S. Williams’ photo studio. Just west at 102 W. Burlington was Frank D. Kerrick’s furniture and undertaking business.

Below: Extensively remodeled by Fred W. McClain after he purchased it in November 1925, the building now hosts Americus Diamond, jewelers, at 100 W. Burlington, and owner Christopher Kufner’s art gallery at 102 W. Burlington. Along Main Street the upstairs bay-windows remain intact, visible just below the Presbyterian Church’s new spires, shortened by 1942.

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