White Brothers’ Tea Store, Fairfield, IA

February 13, 2011

Fairfield Iowa in the Ice Age.

“Fairfield Iowa in the Ice Age” was written on the back of this postcard of the entrance to the White Brothers’ Tea Store, known as the “White T Store,” in the early 1900s.

The brothers Louis D. and Loren H. White sold tea and coffee at 107 West Broadway before moving in 1914 to the north side of the Square at 53 West Broadway, where they remained for the next thirty years. Loren’s son Paul White bought his uncle Louis’ share of the store in October 1943, and Paul’s brother Wallace bought his father Loren’s share on February 1, 1946. Paul and Wallace remodeled both the exterior and the interior in 1948, and finally left the Square for a modern store at Burlington and 6th in 1954, where they remained in the 1960s.

The White Brothers’ original store at 107 W. Broadway is now occupied by Walker’s Computer Center; their next store at 53 West Broadway is now From the Heart Scrapbooking and Custom Framing Shoppe, while their store at 507 W. Burlington was occupied in the 1970s by King’s IGA and in the 1980s by Jim’s Jack & Jill, and is now the site of the Hy-Vee Drugstore.

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